As the ultimate owner’s representatives, the team at DAE Group keeps a watchful eye on the future to anticipate threats, obligations and opportunities in the real estate industry.

To that end, Urban Land Institute in conjunction with PricewaterhouseCoopers researchers have unveiled their annual report on Emerging Trends that will shape real estate in the coming year.

Here are some highlights that caught the attention of DAE Group:

  • The low hanging fruit has been picked – look for generational and demographic changes, the rise of new markets and a coming down off the peak.
  • Construction labor shortages will continue to hamper the industry. Take especially good care of the workers you love.
  • Young adults have started to move back to the suburbs and they want the urban experience in the burbs.
  • The amenity creep and apartment arms race will continue to escalate. A gym and rooftop access don’t cut it anymore. Movie theaters, dog runs, communal gardens, co-working space anyone?
  • AI and machine learning will continue in building design, organization and management especially in efficiency, safety, security and property access.
  • Look for new kinds of tenants in those old buildings like urgent-care medical facilities, health and fitness, financial services and entertainment venues. All with shorter or pop-up leases.
  • Look to highlight and advance your sustainability performance. As an industry we can do better.

For a closer look, get the ULI report or click here to take a look at Patrick Sisson’s article in Curbed entitled The Top Emerging Trends That Will Shape Real Estate in 2019.