Where Diligence, Accountability and Extreme Focus Reside.

Why DAE Group

“We’re the owner’s reps that are going to handle it for you, fight your battles, get you across the finish line…so you can go play golf & nail your next real estate deal. That’s who we are.”

Daniel Ezra, Principal

Real Talk

Count on straight, to the point, “reality-based” talk. Leadership with clear expectations and deadlines. Direct is the way we play. Even when it hurts.

Acute Focus

Highly-experienced, senior staffers with a hyper sense of urgency. We know what is real and what is not to separate fact from fiction in your numbers.


Not so big you’re bogged down with layers and process. Not too small so you’re overwhelmed. We’re right-sized to move at the speed to keep you highly profitable.

Our Services


Cost Estimating, Modeling, Control

Due Diligence


Pro Forma Services

Construction Management

Demolition, Utility Coordination

Events, Program Management

IT & Security

Property Improvement Plan



"Their team moves things fast-forward. They arbitrate. They recommend. They make decisions. They’re always moving ahead.

Mike Gerber, MGL Partners


"Experienced, savvy, construction-smart. They know their way around a set of drawings and schedules and most importantly, they know people and how to get the best from them.

Rob Rediker, GTIS Partners


"DAE Group get things done quickly, safely, on-schedule, without beating up the project team!

Greg Glade, MGL Partners


Let Us Help You Save The DAE.

Let Us Help You Save The DAE.

On occasion, the ultimate Owner’s Reps at DAE Group, have been called upon by investors, developers, architects, ORs and GCs to come into a situation and provide specific solutions to specific problems. Much like a relief pitcher might be called upon to come into a game to pitch to a specific hitter in a specific situation. What type of situations or snags? For details read the blog.

You Have To See These New Projects.

You Have To See These New Projects.

Whether it’s super-tall twisting skyscrapers, underwater restaurants or ski slopes on top of power plants, you have to see these projects coming on line in 2020. The ultimate owner’s reps at DAE Group don’t want you to miss out on this CNN glimpse of the future. For details go to the blog.

New Year’s DAE Wishes.

New Year’s DAE Wishes.

The ultimate owner’s reps at DAE Group have had some lively conversations about the new year, the new decade and what they wish for their clients. Don’t miss the highlights. Read the blog.

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