Where Diligence, Accountability and Extreme Focus Reside.

Why DAE Group

“We’re the owner’s reps that are going to handle it for you, fight your battles, get you across the finish line…so you can go play golf & nail your next real estate deal. That’s who we are.”

Daniel Ezra, Principal

Real Talk

Count on straight, to the point, “reality-based” talk. Leadership with clear expectations and deadlines. Direct is the way we play. Even when it hurts.

Acute Focus

Highly-experienced, senior staffers with a hyper sense of urgency. We know what is real and what is not to separate fact from fiction in your numbers.


Not so big you’re bogged down with layers and process. Not too small so you’re overwhelmed. We’re right-sized to move at the speed to keep you highly profitable.

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Our Services

Cost Estimating, Modeling, Control

Due Diligence


Pro Forma Services

Construction Management

Demolition, Utility Coordination

Events, Program Management

IT & Security

Property Improvement Plan



"Their team moves things fast-forward. They arbitrate. They recommend. They make decisions. They’re always moving ahead.

Mike Gerber, MGL Partners


"Experienced, savvy, construction-smart. They know their way around a set of drawings and schedules and most importantly, they know people and how to get the best from them.

Rob Rediker, GTIS Partners


"DAE Group get things done quickly, safely, on-schedule, without beating up the project team!

Greg Glade, MGL Partners


Property Improvement Plan Considerations

Property Improvement Plan Considerations

These days commercial real estate is being flooded with property improvement plans (PIPs).  As an owner of a property, how should you look at a PIP? What criteria and standards should you consider? What posture should you take? The professional owner’s representatives...

Hotel Property improvement Plan Explained

Hotel Property improvement Plan Explained

What is a Hotel Property improvement Plan? A hotel property improvement plan or PIP is an action plan for a hotel to bring it into compliance with brand standards levied by the brand manager or franchisor. The plan can call for improvements to things such as exterior...

Free Yourself From the Pre-Construction Quagmire

Free Yourself From the Pre-Construction Quagmire

Does this situation look familiar? The stalled development project is back and alive, after re- pricing it is coming in way, way over the previous budgets. You need help to kick-start your project but with the current state of the construction cost market it’s no...

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