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Why DAE Group

DAE Group has earned a reputation as the no-nonsense, let’s all be adults, let’s be direct, let’s be fair, let’s be transparent, let’s move this project forward, keep our commitments, resolve issues, “everybody wins” owner’s representatives.

The practitioners at DAE Group are experts in owner’s representation; cost estimating, modeling and control; due diligence; pro forma development; construction management; demolition/utilities coordination; events/program management; and IT/Security.

And they have the experience and bandwidth to take your project through all phases of development — concept, feasibility, design, procurement, construction and post construction. Whatever you need.

Your Team

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"They juggled the permits, re-routings, bureaucracy, and personalities. They crushed it.

Warren James, REVA Development Partners


"DAE Group gives me real estimates. No fluff. No bull. With their numbers, I can sleep at night.

Tim Yeager, UDR, Inc


"They opened my eyes to snafus right off the bat. They lasered in on what was going to work, what not. Made my bank happy.

Donald Caster, Sagebrush Capital


DAE Group was established in 1999 by Daniel Ezra to provide owner’s representation and construction management services in the Rocky Mountain Region. As more and more of Dan’s clients spoke his virtues to other developers – “Really, you have to call Dan” – the business grew and grew.

Now the firm has more than 12+ employees with an expanded list of services including Owner’s Representation, Cost Estimates/Control/Modeling, Due Diligence, Pro Forma Development, Construction Management, Demolition/Utility Coordination, Events/Program Management, and IT/Security.

And with superior expertise and experience in Market Rate Apartments, Senior/Affordable Housing, Condos/Townhomes, Hospitality, Office, Mixed-Use, Retail, Entertainment, Education and Events throughout the country.

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