Put A Fresh Set of Discerning Eyes On Your Project’s Numbers.

Uncommon Attitude

What makes DAE Group’s comprehensive services uncommon, and more important, useful and worthwhile is that they come with:


A high-sense of urgency

We move to resolve issues and at the speed of maximizing your profitability & reducing your risks.

Direct, Reality-based, Straight Talk

Highly experienced senior staffers who know their way around spreadsheets, construction, schedules and people


Sh## happens, but project’s must go on. Being able to improvise, persevere and produce desired outcomes is essential.

Our Services

Hotel Property Improvement Plan

Due Diligence

Events & Program Management

Cost Estimates, Modeling, Control

Demolition & Utility Coordination

Owner's Representation



"Accurate, competent, reliable. I have total confidence in the estimates they give me. Their numbers are ripe with reality.

Scott Rodgers, Crescent Real Estate


"These are the ultimate owner’s reps.

George Thorn, Mile High Properties


"These are the guys for you. They are fair, nimble and direct.

Carl Koelbel, Koelbel & Company

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