It’s a brand new DAE.

Recently, DAE Construction Services changed its name to DAE Group. The reason?

We wanted a name that put an emphasis on our super squad, our new hires, our A-team approach,” said Dan Ezra, principal & president of DAE Group. “With our crew we have an expanded list of owner’s representation services and we now cover a wider geographical area, in a lot more sectors.”

It truly is a brand new DAE:

New name: DAE Group

New website:

New squad:
A formidable team of superstars like the Golden State Warriors. More on team members in future blogs.

New services:
the new lineup includes owner’s representation, cost estimates/modeling/control, due diligence, pro forma development, construction management, demolition/utilities coordination, events management, technology, IT & security.

New offices:
12200 E. Briarwood Ave., Suite 255,
Centennial, CO 80112

New sectors:
The new complete list of DAE Group’s expertise include market rate apartments, condos/townhomes, senior/affordable housing, hospitality/resorts, office, mixed-use, retail, entertainment, education and events

New geographical reach:
In addition to being the owner’s rep leaders in the Rocky Mountain Region new projects have taken DAE Group to Hawaii, Dallas, Phoenix, and Chicago. The USA & Mexico are now their canvas.

And all with the same frankness, direct ‘real talk’ and hyper sense of urgency we are known for,” said Dan Ezra. “SFA…hire DAE Group. It’s a brand new DAE.”

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