At this time of year the owner’s representatives at DAE Group are busy helping ambitious developers, architects, engineers and investors wind up their 2019 planning. These groups of people are the exception to the rule.

Many groups are only beginning their thinking about the new year, and many will not even begin their thinking about 2019 until the week before New Year’s Day.

“Fundamentally, we plan, and we execute plans, for a living. We are planning and delivery experts…construction management professionals,” said Dan Ezra, DAE Group principal. “Professionals think about planning more effectively, strategically and competitively than others. For most people thinking about the future is a once a year activity organized around what they would like to have, what their stretch goals might be, what they hope will happen if things go well. It’s what’s common. This process can be short sighted and not as powerful as alternative thinking.”

“What is uncommon, and what is extremely competitive, is to think and act with the future as commitments…concerns you are committed to take care of. Situations you are committed to produce. New capabilities you will acquire. Sales and profitability levels you will produce, schedules you will meet,” said Dan.

Dan went on to say that as experienced owner’s reps, DAE Group has developed the skill to listen for commitment. Listening for commitment requires listening for trustworthiness — sincerity, competence and reliability.

“When you listen for commitment and trustworthiness, it helps you make better assessments about who you can trust to keep the project moving to the finish line in the most cost effective, yet strategic way,” said Dan. “In addition to informing you about who to trust, it can inform you of what direction to take – this way, not that way. It can inform you of how fast you have to execute…and give you the focus to know what to be concerned about, and what not to be concerned about.”

So as you plan for your future, you would be better served to think about commitments when you develop your plans and your teams. What are you committed to produce with your projects? Who on your team is really committed? DAE Group is here to help.