Constructability (or buildability) is a project management technique to review construction processes from start to finish during pre-construction phase. Its purpose is to identify obstacles before a project is actually built to reduce or prevent errors, delays, and cost overruns.

Through a Constructability Review DAE Group makes construction documents better. The better the documents, the more efficient projects run. The more efficient projects run, the better the quality developer’s and investors receive, and the lower the bottom line cost will be.

Thorough, comprehensive, planning is the foundation of construction. During a Constructability Review DAE Group walks through every facet of the construction process, analyzes every detail, weeds out RFI’s & Potential Change Orders, identifies Value Engineering opportunities, identifies & solves the ever important waterproofing issues, identifies potential scope busts and solves difficult coordination issues. The idea is to solve difficult issues before they develop into costly problems or project delays.

“We are not only experts at reviewing and analyzing your construction docs, we are experts at identifying and solving problems that are missing from the docs,” said Dan Ezra, DAE Group principal. “We can see what’s not there. We review every doc from the perspective of the owner, developer, architect and contractor. We look for potential design problems, value engineering opportunities, possible scope busts, envelope issues, waterproofing, and conflicts that arise with quality, appearance, function and cost. The better the set of design documents we’ve prepared for a project, the greater the success. The most important tools used in the construction of a project is a good, solid, coherent, and consistent set of plans and specs.”

Dan went on to add that in the Constructability Review they walk through the construction process step by step…they don’t just look at the plans. They go through the process of building the project for a more 360° approach to finding snafus. They also review the interface of various systems and trades. It is at these intersections that many problems arise that can be dealt with in the preconstruction phase.

For more details on the DAE Group’s Constructability Review and its value to your project, contact Dan Ezra at DAE Group, 1-720-208-9039.