As 2019 comes to a close, the ultimate owner’s representatives at DAE Group want to be the first to welcome you to the new decade: The roaring 20s? The fruitful 20s? The cautious 20s?

“This new decade is a time for new thinking, new diligence, new accountability, and new focuses. It is also a time to renew your commitment to the fundamentals…the principles, laws and mechanisms that work, regardless of the times,” said Dan Ezra, DAE Group partner. “So how does one balance the need for new thinking with the need for reliance on the fundamentals? What is the deciding factor? Reality…the ultimate arbitrator. What we wish for all of our clients in the new decade is a profound respect for reality. Because dealing with fantasy is just too costly in terms of time, energy, money and lost opportunity.”

Dan and the team at DAE Group have had some lively conversations about the new decade and what they wish for their clients and for the industry. Below are some highlights:

    • Easy to use technology to support cross-team collaboration
    • Great market timing
    • No unorganized paper trails (How about digital trails?)
    • Super reliable and accurate takeoffs
    • Few job change orders
    • Hyper-control of processes and workflow
    • Accurate, real-time decision-making with all the facts
    • Timely inspections & minimum rework
    • Black ink not red
    • Low interest rates
    • The happy path…all smiles
    • Perfect planning, impeccable timing, your vision realized
    • Minor #@!* that doesn’t hit the fan
    • Timely permit approvals
    • Municipalities that “get it”
    • Responsible specification development & field administration
    • Improved transparency
    • No product delays, shipping snafus or unexpected cost increases
    • Good weather
    • Safety for all
    • Tight spreads between estimates vs. actuals
    • Projects that exceed expectations
    • Superior navigation in the year ahead
    • No litigation

So here’s to you and your projects in the new year and the new decade: On-ward! On-time! On-budget! On-margin!