On occasion, the ultimate Owner’s Reps at DAE Group, have been called upon by investors, developers, architects, general contractors, and even, other owner reps, to come into a situation and provide specific solutions to specific problems. Much like a relief pitcher might be called upon to come into a game to pitch to a specific hitter in a specific situation.

“Yes, we are willing to bring our expertise to bear in very limited roles within the general scope of a big project,” said Dan Ezra, principle at DAE Group. “Sure we would like to be the owner’s rep on the project, but if we cannot do that we do not mind playing a more supportive role for the project.”

What supportive roles? What situations? What snags? The team at DAE Group got together and brainstormed some past examples:

With our expertise in hospitality, we have been called in to review, plan and implement recovery schedules for some of the most experienced owner’s reps who were in over their heads.

When new tariffs and or import/export snafus threaten to delay projects and blow-up budgets we have been called in to provide alternative planning or guide the client to manufacturers in other countries.

When there seems to be a big rift between GC and Owner’s Representation on an issue that needs to be resolved or fences need to mended…we can play the role of a “cooler,” less heated third party to make an assessment.

When schedules need to be amended because of bad weather or the threat of bad weather, we can help anticipate threats in “happy path” schedules.

With our HUD expertise, we can help anticipate HUD debacles and audits and the extra attention that needs to be placed on accounting for compliance. Trades like to be paid on time.

We can help address labor idiosyncrasies in local, regional or national conditions that could prove problematic if not addressed in advance such as union areas or “island time” mentality. The struggle is real.

Helping owners figure out which battles to fight and which ones to let go of in order to win the war and cross the finish line. We can be another set of “experienced eyes” and offer a fresh perspective.

Making assessments about the “quality” of work

Assessing the risk of litigation/delays/cost overruns on specific matters

If any of these examples sound familiar to you or your project, and you need a little help moving your project forward call us here at DAE Group, 1-720-208-9039. We would be happy to get you on track and move your project ahead so you can get on to your next real estate deal.