Receiving unclear, misleading, incomplete or evasive information in response to your questions or requests of a contractor is not unusual in the construction industry.

You know that feeling in your gut when your B.S. alarm is going off. You can smell it.

Maybe they are putting the blame elsewhere. No one likes making mistakes or getting caught so they blame a process, or circumstance. It’s the manufacturer’s fault. Poor installation. Damaged in shipping. The specs were wrong to begin with.

Are they avoiding your questions? Hiding something? Delaying it hoping you will forget? Do they change the subject and try to turn the focus away from your question? Pivot to another subject? Poor weather, COVID causing backlogs, supply chain issues.

Or do they immediately deny a problem that you bring up? All these change orders are only natural. Costs are going up that’s just the way it is. We’re behind schedule now, but we can make it up here and here.

“As owner’s reps, we have heard it all — unreasonably long waits for materials to arrive, endless excuses from manufacturers and installers pointing the finger back and forth, watching costs of materials and labor go up and over budget, taking short cuts to offset losses or sacrificing quality or best practices’ said Dan Ezra, DAE Group, principal. “We know the territory, we have the experience, and the mettle to deal with it.”

Are your architect’s add-on services driving you up a wall? Dazed and confused about your contractor’s draw requests? Amazed at how your three-week schedule is five weeks behind? Stop getting the runaround. 

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