Thanksgiving Day is upon us and the ultimate owner representation professionals at DAE Group want to give thanks to those people, situations, practices and virtues that have helped us and our customers succeed. Below is a collection of our thoughts. Happy Thanksgiving.

We at DAE Group are thankful for:

  • Low interest rates
  • Developers’ vision to see and deliver “what’s next”
  • The ever-changing threats and opportunities of Demographics
  • Green-taping rather than red-taping
  • An ever-increasing focus on sustainability
  • Mass transit making the suburbs desirable again
  • Investment in building and construction technology
  • Pragmatic architectural visionaries
  • Exciting and adaptive renovation and reuse
  • The need for new affordable homes and rental units
  • Architects, engineers, GCs and subs who work as a team and not as entitled movie stars
  • The Happy Path: On-time, on-budget
  • People who live in reality; not fantasy
  • Spreadsheets grounded in truth, not hopes or wishes
  • Timelines based on facts not fiction
  • Teams that work together so that when shit happens things don’t turn to shit
  • Team members that say they “aren’t sure” when they’re not sure, as opposed to saying “yes, no problem” when they’re not sure.
  • Team members who flag problems early in the process rather than later so additional costs are reduced
  • Smaller gaps between what’s proposed and what you’re really going to do
  • Our many repeat customers…those developers, architects, engineers and GCs who appreciate our unique approach to Owner’s Representation and keep us on our toes

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!