Does this situation look familiar?

  • The stalled development project is back and alive, after re- pricing it is coming in way, way over the previous budgets.
  • You need help to kick-start your project but with the current state of the construction cost market it’s no longer penciling out.
  • Construction cost pricing just not working with the right values as the tsunami of economic and employment cost increases rages on.

Is this the new normal? Do you have to reset your expectations? Do you have difficulty assessing what’s reasonable and what is not?

If construction productivity and quality is a major concern, if accelerating costs, supply chain snafus, and labor shortages are threatening your project, you need an expert with some real world power to put in your corner.  Someone with the knowledge, grit, determination and boots-on-the-ground skills to get your project under control.

Consider using the experts at the DAE Group to help the world make sense.

DAE Group is here to help you assess what is possible and what is not, to help you move your project forward, help solve problems, and come up with alternatives giving you options.

Don’t wait, call DAE Group and let us help you get your project out of the quagmire of pre-construction confusion.

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