The Day of the Dead is a holiday that focuses on people getting together to remember family, friends and colleagues who have passed and to help them on their spiritual journey by remembering them.

For DAE Group, it is a time to remember the wisdom that has been passed down to the team members from owners, investors, developers, architects, general contractors, city & county officials, engineers, subcontractors, bankers and fellow owner representatives.

So to honor the outstanding people and the wisdom that has been bestowed upon the members of the DAE Group in their quest to be the ultimate owner’s reps, here are some of our favorite quotes (as for the attributions, you know who you are, and thank you):

“The idea is not to have the GC dead at the finish line. Chances are you’re going work with all of these people on your project team again and again.”

“Yes, it is possible to substitute materials and methods without risking the quality or integrity of the project.”

“Just know that we hate change orders. But recognize that shit happens and better ideas evolve.”

“Remember, it’s not just the construction and the costs, it’s the entire pro forma…be the expert who helps design, build and see it through to its successful completion.”

“Words that scare the crap out of me: ‘Forensic Construction Accounting & Testimony.’ Don’t let it get that far.”

“It’s true that it is possible that some additional work can be done without delays or changes in the schedule, just as it’s possible that hell could freeze over.”

“There’s fact and fiction in every spreadsheet, every schedule. The secret is to have the knowledge to know the difference.”

“It is imperative to expect the unexpected. But also to have the experience and expertise to understand the probabilities and possibilities.”

“Get the best team that you can. There is no substitute for a great team. It’s all about the people and how well they gel.”

“Make sure the owner’s get what they pay for. That doesn’t mean you have to be an asshole. But sometimes you have to be the Doberman and sometimes you have to be the Bunny. Still, make sure everyone wins.”

“There’s time to value engineer, and times to put a lid on it for the sake of the veracity of the project. Know the difference.”

“Be an expert at the best delivery – Design Build, GMP, Lump Sum, Cost Plus, CM or GM or both.”

“The key is to think and act like a responsible owner even though you’re an owner’s rep. That means being accountable for what happened in the past, responsible for the present, and dependable in the future.”