As we approach New Year’s Day 2019 , the Owner’s Reps at DAE Group want to extend to you a very special set of 2019 New Year wishes. We wish you:

  • Technology to support cross-team collaboration and efficient document management
  • No unorganized paper trails
  • Accurate takeoffs
  • Few job change orders
  • Increased control of processes and workflow
  • Accurate real-time decision-making
  • Timely inspections & minimum rework
  • Black ink not red
  • Stable interest rates
  • The happy path…all smiles
  • Perfect planning, impeccable timing, your vision realized
  • Minor #@!* that doesn’t hit the fan
  • Permits approved in time
  • Responsible specification development & field administration
  • Improved transparency
  • No product delays, shipping snafus or unexpected cost increases
  • Tight spreads between estimates vs. actuals
  • A project that exceeds investor expectations
  • Superior navigation in the year ahead

So here’s to you and your projects in 2019, on-time and on-budget!

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